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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Andrew Yara told to be a Jew in Holocaust role-play lesson sues school over claim he got injured when 'Nazis' jumped on him

A student has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit claiming he was jumped on in a role-playing lesson on the Holocaust.

Andrew Yara, now 19, filed the suit in Texas alleging he was injured when he was forced to play the part of a Jew in a world history class.

The lesson at Perryton High School pit pupils against each other as Jews and Nazis, the Amarillo Globe News reported.

Mr Yara claimed it happened when he was following the orders of classmates playing the roles of Nazis.

In the complaint against the Perryton Independent School District, the teenager's attorneys said the district violated his 'bodily integrity'.

It added the class had 'stripped him of his ability to defend himself' during the May 2010 Red Ribbon Day. Read More