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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'We must be allowed to spy on Facebook and Twitter', says former Whitehall intelligence chief

Social media should be monitored by police and security services, a former intelligence chief has said, to prevent paedophiles and terrorists from communicating unhindered.

Sir David Omand, former Permanent Secretary and Security and Intelligence Co-ordinator in the Cabinet Office, says criminals are increasingly making use of online social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate.

He added that those responsible for protecting society need to use the technology to keep suspects under surveillance.

He said that without the monitoring and collection of social media intelligence, known as Socmint, websites could become ‘secret spaces’ where those carrying out illegal activities could communicate freely.

However, the former Whitehall Intelligence officer made it clear that an individual’s account should only be ‘hacked’ into under certain circumstances. Read More