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Sunday, April 29, 2012

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT - Free Syrian Army Drags Body Around City In Barbaric Display- April 25th 2012

Soldier stripped almost naked and towed around the city in a barbaric display by the "Free Syrian Army", virtually a sight from the dark ages. The cameraman describes the dead man as "khaain" (traitor) and mentions the name of Bashar Al-Assad and says that this is what will happen to the "traitors" who are supporting him.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It has been noticed that an edited version of this video is being circulated by the "Free Syrian Army" as propaganda against the Syrian government. The edited version ends at only 2.20 minutes (this version uploaded here is 3.19) in order to cut out the speech which comes after 2.20. Without this damning speech it is being posted as an anti-government person killed by the government, with some going ridiculously as far as to say it was a peaceful protester. Read More