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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Texas Tornadoes: Massive tornadoes toss TRUCKS across skies as 'large and extremely dangerous' twisters hit Texas

Texans will begin the devastating task of counting the costs of an unprecedented cluster of tornadoes that ripped through major towns and cities in the state yesterday.

Homes were reduced to rubble and more than a dozen people injured as the powerful storm swept trucks across the sky and base-ball sized hail stones punched holes in the roofs of cars and homes.

Meteorologists said it was the first time two 'extremely dangerous' tornadoes hit two large metropolitan areas at the same time.

Arlington and Lancaster were worst hit with boh areas being declared 'disaster zones', while damage was reported in at least nine cities in five counties.

'I have never seen two tornadoes hit two large metropolitan areas at the same time before,' Expert Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity said, reports Newsroom America.

Weather service advisories issued yesterday said storm spotters and radar revealed separate tornadoes south of Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as Arlington and Lancaster. Read More