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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sarkozy shows how to boot out a preacher of hate: Hours after expulsion order, extremists are put on a plane (are you listening, Mrs May?)

Two radical Islamists were kicked out of France yesterday – prompting calls for Theresa May to take the same no-nonsense approach when it comes to removing extremists.

Nicolas Sarkozy demanded the deportation of a convicted terrorist and a hate preacher.

No sooner had the expulsion order been signed than the pair were put on flights out of the country.

The swift departures led to comparisons with Britain’s embarrassingly flawed efforts to remove hate preacher Abu Qatada who is wanted in Jordan on terror charges. Read More

Note: We are the only Country that abides by the stupid European Laws, we have been saying it for years, now even with countries openly flaunting that they do not abide by them..We continue to protect the human rights of Criminals