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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saajid Badat was told in one on one meeting with Bin Laden that Al-Qaeda leader planned to bring down U.S. economy

A British Al Qaeda supergrass who trained to be a shoe bomber has revealed how Osama bin Laden told him shortly after 9/11 that a follow-up terrorist attack could doom the American economy.

Saajid Badat, testifying against terrorists in front of a New York jury, recalled his meeting with the Al Qaeda leader where he said Bin Laden referred to the U.S. economy as being 'like a chain.'

Ex-grammar school boy Badat, 33, was convicted in London in a 2001 plot to down an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami, but was freed from jail early in return for giving evidence in terror cases.

Describing his meeting with Bin Laden shortly after the September 11 2001 terror attacks, Badat said: 'He said the American economy is like a chain.

'If you break one - one link of the chain, the whole economy will be brought down.

'So after the September 11 attacks, this operation will ruin the aviation industry and in turn the whole economy will come down.'

His evidence came in the trial of a man accused in a 2009 plot to attack New York's tube network with suicide bombs.

Badat said he was supposed to carry out a simultaneous bombing with failed British shoe-bomber Richard Reid.

In testimony recorded last month, Badat said he refused a request to testify in person because he remained under indictment in Boston on charges alleging he conspired with Reid and he has been told he would be arrested if he set foot in the United States.

It emerged yesterday that Badat is having everything from his rent to his mobile phone costs paid by the taxpayer, he told a New York court. Read More