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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Russian immigrant 'hacked his roommate to death and tried to dissolve the dismembered corpse in vats of bleach'

A raucous house party ended like a scene from a horror film when a Russian immigrant allegedly butchered his roommate to death.

Sergey Mamontov, 50, reportedly confessed to police that he got into a violent fight with his victim, chopped him up into pieces and tried to dissolve the remains in vats of bleach.

Mamontov pounced on his roommate, 55, after he found him drinking with friends at 'a wild party' in their fourth-floor Brooklyn apartment, New York

He threw them out and became embroiled in the fatal fistfight which ended in the unnamed man's death.

The victim's death had gone unnoticed until yesterday, when a friend of the dead man visited the apartment to look for him. Read More