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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ruairi Bicknell and Akeem Salako ordered to serve at least six years behind bars for the Murder of Krzysztof Rusek during Mugging

Teenage robbers who slaughtered a man as he celebrated turning 30 with his girlfriend have been locked up for at least 26 years.

Krzysztof Rusek was knifed through the heart after four hooded attackers demanded cash from him and his friends as they walked home through a London park.

Polish national Krzysztof died in hospital four hours later from massive internal bleeding, while another colleague was saved by chance when a blade hit bank cards in his wallet.

Ruairi Bicknell and Akeem Salako, both 18, along with Ben Wiles and Stefan Morgan, both 17, fled the scene in Fulham.

They split up and headed in different directions before changing their clothes.

The four denied murder, but admitted manslaughter charges during a retrial at the Old Bailey.

They were each given indefinite sentences for public protection and ordered to serve at least six years behind bars.

The gang must convince a parole board they no longer pose a risk before they can be released. Read More