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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Richard Descoings found dead and naked in Manhattan hotel room 'feared there was a far-right plot against him'

A distinguished French academic found dead in suspicious circumstances in a New York Hotel room had discussed a possible ‘plot’ against him, it emerged today.

The naked body of Richard Descoings, 54, was sprawled across a bed in the Michelangelo Hotel in Manhattan on Tuesday.

The room had been ransacked, and there were indications that at least one other person had been in the room, said local police.

Mr Descoings was earning £268,000 per year as director of the Sciences-Po institute of political science in Paris – a prestigious college where Dominique Strauss-Kahn once taught.

In recent years, Mr Descoings had been criticised by some right-wing politicians for opening up Sciences-Po to underprivileged students, often from ethnic minority backgrounds.

This had led to what the married Mr Descoings viewed as a smear campaign, which included being forcibly ‘outed’ as a homosexual in Le Monde – the pro-government ‘establishment’ newspaper. Read More