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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pennsylvania father and son 'tattooed women with bar codes and sent them to New York as prostitutes'

A prostitute in Madrid, Spain was found with a barcode tattoo like the one on the prostitute involved in the New York case.

A father and son duo are facing charges of promoting prostitution through an elaborate ring that shipped prostitutes from Pennsylvania to New York where the pair arranged for black cab drivers to help arrange trysts.

Vincent George Sr., 55, and his son Vincent George Jr.,33, both of whom are based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, were arrested earlier this month and now face their arraignment this week, which is supposed to detail a multi-decade scheme.

The prostitutes were tattooed with their pimp’s names and at least one had a bar code tattoo as a way to declare the men’s ‘ownership’ of the women.

The case has echoes of Spanish prostitutes who were tattooed with barcodes earlier this year as the practice appears to become more widespread. Read More