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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nebbi battles cholera as 10 die - Uganda

Two weeks ago, two children died of Cholera in Panyimur Sub-county, Nebbi District. Today, the death toll has risen to 10, while 255 are fighting for their lives.

At Dei Health Centre III, treatment centres have been erected but the shortage of medical personnel and equipment has made the situation dire.

Due to inadequate room at the facility, pale-looking children and their attendants have been huddled under trees, where bottles of intravenous fluids, fixed on tree branches, are being administered.

No precaution

The fear of more people contracting the disease looms, as attendants work without protective gear, such as gloves.

The health centre is overwhelmed as patients from the area and neigbouring DR Congo, flock the facility for medical attention.

The bigger problem, however, lies in the poor sanitation and hygiene. Read More