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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

National Security Agency's huge new $2bn spy center will be used to snoop on ordinary Americans, warn experts

The National Security Agency is facing claims that its new spy centre in Utah will have the power to monitor ordinary Americans.

Intelligence expert James Bamford recently interviewed a whistleblower who claimed that the NSA has software that is able to search through the emails, phone calls and texts of U.S. citizens, in an article published in WIRED magazine.

But Mike Baker, a former cover field operations officer for the CIA, told Fox News that the paranoia surrounding the billion dollar project was understandable yet exaggerated, adding that the main problem was the size of the data collection warehouse.

'The fact that they’re building a new data center isn’t news,' Baker told Fox News. 'They’ve got several other [similar] facilities. The size of this is what is creating the stir.'

Once built, the million square foot centre will be more than five times the size of the US Capitol, and will use an estimated $40m of electricity every year, according to one estimate. Read More