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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mirlande Wilson Now Claims she hid the golden ticket at work where no one can find it (and pledges to donate all the money to Haiti)

When you want to hide something, people often say you should put it where no one else would expect it to be.

So if you happened to have a winning lottery ticket worth more than $100million that 15 of your McDonald's coworkers claim to own a share of, where else would you hide it but at McDonald's?

Mirlande Wilson, 37, from Baltimore, Maryland, who claims to be one of the three lucky winners of Friday's Mega Millions had previously refused to say where she had hidden her 'winning ticket', and would only reveal it was 'some place safe'.

Now she has told the New York Post it is hidden somewhere in the McDonald's restaurant where she works.

Despite the fact her coworkers, who claim the ticket was among a pool they organized to split the jackpot, are out for her blood and are more than likely searching the Milford Mill branch from top to bottom for the golden ticket, Ms Wilson assures they will not find it. Read More