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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kevin Harrison Killed by Ravi Sandhu and Judge thinks 5 Years is a Suitable Punishment

A drunken street row that resulted in the death of a 'harmless and vulnerable' middle-aged father has today seen the attacker jailed for manslaughter.

Kevin Harrison, 48, was on the phone with his wife Trish when he was caught up in an argument with Ravi Sandhu, who knocked him to the ground with a single blow.

A judge at Luton Crown Court sentenced 24-year-old Sandhu to five years in prison after he was found guilty of causing Mr Harrison to hit his head on the pavement on September 11 last year.

The panel beater lapsed into a coma and died in hospital a week later, having suffered a severe brain injury in the attack in Bedford town centre.

Passing sentence, Judge Richard Foster told Sandhu, a father of one: 'This case is yet another sad reminder of the effects of excessive consumption of alcohol which the police have to deal with in town centres across the country in the early hours when pubs and bars close. Read More