Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez 'El Diego' sentenced to life in prison after he admits ordering killings

A Mexican drug boss has been sentenced to life in prison after he admitted ordering more than 1,500 killings.

Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez pleaded guilty in El Paso, Texas, to 11 charges, including conspiracy, racketeering and murder.

Judge Kathleen Cardone sentenced the 34-year-old to seven concurrent life terms, three additional consecutive life terms and 20 years in federal prison.

Hernandez was in charge of the armed enforcement wing of the Juarez Drug Cartel, which had formed an alliance with the Barrio Azteca drug gang that operated in Texas and Mexico, to control drug trafficking in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, prosecutors said in court papers.

Ciudad Juarez has served as a major route for smuggling narcotics into the United States.

He was captured in July last year in the northern Mexico city of Chihuahua. Read More