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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Get back to the Commons and tell us: Who do you really serve, Mr Cameron?

When your back is against the wall and you are forced to make tough choices, your real motives shine through.

That is why this last week, a bad one for David Cameron and his Government by any standards, has left me asking this question: Who does he really serve?

There was grim news on Wednesday for millions of families when we heard how Britain’s economy, which two years ago was recovering strongly, has now slid back into recession.

The Conservative-led Government had told us all, time and again, how they would change things.

But prices are still going up faster than wages, more than a million young people are now left on the dole and the banks are still paying out huge bonuses.

So much for Mr Cameron’s boasts last year that he had taken the economy out of the danger zone.

We now know that even as George Osborne was asking millions to pay more so that he could cut taxes for millionaires in the Budget, the British economy was sinking into a double-dip recession. Read More