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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

French terror police storm homes of suspected Islamists as nationwide crackdown after Toulouse serial killings continues

Heavily armed and dressed in black from head to toe, an elite squad of balaclava-clad police commandos storm the homes of suspected Islamic extremists.

Officers arrested ten terror suspects in a series of dawn raids across France this morning in a nationwide crackdown a month after seven people were killed by an al Qaeda-inspired gunman.

The DCRI domestic intelligence service, supported by police commandos, struck in the southern towns of Marseille, Carpentras, Valence, and Pau, and also Roubaix, close to the Belgian border.

It follows the arrests of 19 people last week in the ongoing nationwide crackdown, ordered by Nicolas Sarkozy, that comes two weeks after police sharpshooters gunned down mass murderer Mohamed Merah. Read More