Saturday, April 7, 2012

Frank Souza sentenced to second life term for killing prisoner to 'avenge' death of girl, 9

A convicted murderer with a 'White Power' tattoo on his forehead has been sentenced to his second life term for killing a fellow inmate to 'avenge' the death of a nine-year-old girl.

Frank Souza, 33, who was already set to spend the rest of his life behind bars pleaded guilty to stabbing Edward John Schaefer, 44, in the neck and chest with an improvised knife 10 days after he arrived in San Quentin State Prison in July 2010.

The attack was carried out by Souza to avenge Melody Osheroff, who was walking with her father across the road when Schaefer mowed into them on his motorcycle

Schaefer's blood-alcohol level after the May 2009 incident measured 0.16, twice the legal limit in Novato, whic is near to the San Francisco Bay area

'All I got to say is, 9-year-old girl,' said Souza to prison staff after killing Schaefer.

A member of the racist Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, Souza was adamant that his killing of Schaefer was justified. Read More