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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emilio Jesus Bautista Dies two weeks after mother 'held him under scalding tap for THREE MINUTES because he wouldn't stop crying'

A helpless seven-week old toddler who was brutally burned by his mother when she held him under scalding hot water has died.

Emilio Jesus Bautista had been in critical condition since April 16, when his mother Chekayla Ariel Dampier, of Port Richey, Florida, allegedly flushed the boy under the water because he would not stop crying.

Dampier had been held on $150,000 bail for aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm, but officials have not announced if her charge will be upgraded following the child's death, according to Bay News 9.

Baby Emilio suffered extensive burns to his head, chest and arms, as well as second-degree burns to his eyes and ears.

His mother allegedly ran the tap till its temperature was 142 degrees and then held him under the water for two to three minutes. Read More