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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dominic Ali tries to ‘bowl Terrified pedestrians over like skittles’ over ‘respect row’

A crazed driver turned his car into a 50mph motorised battering ram as he tried to mow down a crowd of terrified pedestrians on a night out in Manchester.

These dramatic CCTV images show the moment the deranged driver screeched to a halt, did a U-turn and careered down the wrong side of a city centre street directly towards a group of revellers.

The frightened men and women scatter in terror as angry motorist Dominic Ali, 23, revs up his girlfriend's Ford Focus and deliberately tries to bowl them over 'like skittles'.

The businessman said he committed the act of extreme road rage because the group of people had been mocking him as he drew up at a junction.

Footage taken from a camera high above the street shows Ali exchange words with the pedestrians before screeching away, only to turn around a few yards down the street and drive directly at the pedestrians. Read More

Note: Of course he received a true UK Punishment fitting to the Crime

Driving ban for 2 years and He had to pay £366 compensation to Manchester City Council for the damaged lamppost