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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Delta IV rocket: US spy satellite blasts off amid mystery of what it will do (and why did the US blackout footage of launch?)

A rocket carrying a top-secret payload blasted off from the California coast yesterday.

The Delta IV rocket lifted off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, about 130 miles north west of Los Angeles.

The rocket contained some form of spy technology - thought to be a hi-tech replacement for America's ageing fleet of radar satellites.

It's not clear what capabilities the new generation might be armed with.

Observers think that the 'new generation' spy satellites would be capable of high-resolution scans even through cloud cover and at night.

Since the launch involved a classified cargo for the National Reconnaissance Office, no details were immediately available about whether it was boosted to its intended orbit.

The reconnaissance office, which oversees the nation's constellation of spy satellites, has kept mum about the purpose of the mission and directed United Launch Alliance to cut off the live broadcast three minutes after lift-off.

‘We've just seen the successful lift-off’ , launch commentator Don Spencer said in a webcast.

Intelligence analysts think the rocket carried a radar imaging satellite capable of seeing at night and through bad weather. Read More