Saturday, April 7, 2012

China warns troops to ignore the Internet and prepare for ideological struggle amid rumours of foiled coup

China’s military leaders have told the country’s troops to ignore rumours on the Internet about a coup in Beijing.

Soldiers were told to steel themselves for an 'ideological struggle' as the ruling Communist Party faces a leadership transition by the military’s newspaper, the Liberation Army Daily.

A front-page commentary in the newspaper left no doubt the party leadership wants to inoculate People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops against rumours that could corrode the authority of President Hu Jintao.

The paper admonished soldiers to 'resolutely resist the incursion of all kinds of erroneous ideas, not be disturbed by noise, not be affected by rumours, and not be drawn by undercurrents, and ensure that at all times and under all circumstances the military absolutely obeys the command of the Party central leadership, the Central Military Commission and Chairman Hu.' Read More