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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brussels ORDERS the UK to Fly EU flag over Whitehall every day... and we could be fined if we fail to comply

Eric Pickles reacted with fury last night after being ordered by Brussels to fly the EU flag continuously over Whitehall.

The Cabinet Minister said the demand showed a ‘deep sense of political insecurity’ and called on the European Union to ‘grow up’.

Mr Pickles is currently obliged to fly the flag – a circle of 12 golden stars on an azure background – for a week each year, starting from Europe Day on May 9.

But under the proposed change, drafted by the European Commission and due to take effect within the next two years, the flag would have to fly permanently outside any organisation which managed development funding from Brussels.

Under the new rules, Mr Pickles, who is Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, could even face being fined by the EU if he fails to comply.

When the proposal landed on his desk Mr Pickles erupted because civil servants advised that, as drafted, it would mean more than 1,000 bodies being forced to comply, including Cambridge University, Jamie Oliver’s 15 restaurant in Cornwall and The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, known as the ‘home of snooker’. Read More