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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Azad Miah 'tried to recruit girls as young as 12 to work as prostitutes in his brothel'

A takeaway owner who allegedly ran a brothel above his restaurant hounded girls as young as 12 to become prostitutes and told one of his child victims that ‘age is just a number’.

Azad Miah, 44, branded the vulnerable girls ‘fresh meat’ and harassed them over weeks and months before offering to give them drugs, alcohol or money in return for sex, a court heard.

Miah targeted the girls in ‘a cold, clinical, calculated exploitation of the desperate and therefore vulnerable’, Carlisle Crown Court was told.

Tim Evans, prosecuting, said: ‘Most worryingly, he would stalk some of them, following them home in particular.’

One of the girls, who was just 14 at the time and addicted to heroin, was paid £100 for sex with him, it is claimed.

The girl, now 21, told detectives she had sex with Miah ‘hundreds of times’.

When another girl refused his advances he called her ‘white trash’. Read More