Saturday, April 7, 2012

Avalanche in Pakistan Buries more than 100 Soldiers At Army Headquarters

An avalanche has buried more than 100 soldiers at a Pakistani army base in a remote area in the Himalayas.

Troops with sniffer dogs, aided by helicopters, were frantically trying to find signs of survivors in the snow.

The avalanche engulfed the camp in Gayari, Siachen, in Pakistan's north, close to the sensitive border with India.

There has been no official comment about the soldiers’ fate.

A team of doctors and paramedics has also been rushed to the mountainous area, a security official said.

Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said: "At six o'clock this morning this avalanche hit... Over 100 soldiers and personnel are trapped."

The Kashmir region - of which Siachen is a part - is divided between fierce rivals Pakistan and India, and is claimed by both in full. Read More