Saturday, April 7, 2012

16 New York teachers who CAN'T be fired despite shocking allegations of sexual harassment against students

They made lewd comments, stalked their pupils and flirted with students.

But 16 teachers who were all reprimanded for inappropriate behaviour are still in their jobs - to the outrage of parents.

The group of 15 men and one woman, who all teach in New York, were accused of a string of shocking incidents including one who brushed his genitals against a female high school student.

A math teacher at another high school also bombarded a female pupil with 50 phone calls in a month and parked outside the McDonald’s where she worked.

The New York City Education Department investigated the claims and wanted to fire all the teachers.

But incredibly it was overruled by an arbiter who claimed that the cases did not meet the standard for dismissal - and actually praised some of the teachers involved.

All 16 men are still in their jobs and only two have even been removed from teaching in classrooms. Read More