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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tortured by the very doctors who should be saving their lives: Smuggled images reveal horror of Syrian hospital patients

A hospital worker has provided horrific video evidence that medical staff in the besieged Syrian city of Homs are doing the unthinkable: torturing patients in their care.

Chilling images covertly filmed by the man, who risked his life to bring the plight of what he claims are civilian patients to world attention, are to be broadcast on Channel 4 News tonight.

The grainy footage from the Homs military hospital depicts wards full of wounded men, blindfolded and shackled to their beds. Some bear marks of extreme beating. The apparent instruments of torture – a rubber whip and electrical cable – lie openly on a table in one of the wards.

On the orders of the Syrian government, all of those shot or injured during protests in Homs must be brought to the military hospital where staff are in league with the secret police.

The whistleblower claims many are whipped and beaten in their beds – and worse. Read More