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Friday, March 2, 2012

Scandal of the transplant patients having to have chemo after being given cancerous kidneys by the NHS

Two transplant patients were forced to undergo six cycles of chemotherapy after a botched NHS operation gave them kidneys infected with a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Robert Law and Gillian Smart ended up with the diseased kidneys after a nurse failed to check the donated organs.

The near-fatal error was made at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in November 2010.

The kidneys had belonged to a woman who died at another hospital – but somehow they were used as donor organs.

The pair are to receive compensation packages after the NHS yesterday admitted negligence.

Its body that oversees transplants said ‘human error’ by a specialist nurse who had not completed her training was partly to blame for the mistake.

Lynda Hamlyn, from NHS Blood and Transplant, yesterday offered ‘sincere and unreserved apologies’ to the pair who were told of the error days after their operations. Read More