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Monday, March 5, 2012

San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks players bolt from field after game invaded... by a swarm of BEES

There was a buzz about this baseball game and it wasn't because of either team's sporting prowess.

During the second inning yesterday between the San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks, a swarm of bees descended, sending players running in all directions and fans ducking for cover.

Grounds crew at the stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona were forced to use a combination of cotton candy and lemonade to help disperse around 600 insects that delayed San Francisco's 11-1 win over Arizona for 41 minutes.

Center fielder Chris Young said: 'I didn't see them at first I just heard them. I am not afraid of one or two of them, I wouldn't flinch at that.

'When you start talking about 500 or 600 of them - I am afraid of that. I would be afraid of anything of that many. If there were that many mosquitoes, I would be afraid of that.'

The bees moved towards the right field line then down to the Giants dugout behind first base. Two sections of fans near the dugout were evacuated and the bees settled on a camera alongside the dugout. Read More