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Monday, March 5, 2012

Russians caught dancing and kissing at polling stations on webcams put up to counter ballot box fraud

In the run up to the controversial presidential election, webcams were placed in polling stations across Russia amid allegations of fraudulent voters casting extra ballots.

But the live streaming cameras picked up a bit more than anyone bargained for - broadcasting images of revellers partying and even a couple kissing to the public around the country.

Just like the UK, many polling stations in Russia were based in schools, public halls and community centres during today's election.

But on the eve of the presidential election last night, some of the footage lived streamed showed scenes that were a world away from the usually drab polling stations.

While many of the webcam feeds just showed empty rooms awaiting voters' arrival the following morning, others live streamed party-goers shaking some moves at a make-shift discos on the eve of the election. Read More