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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Putin slams U.S. ‘invulnerability’ quest

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin charged Monday that the United States and NATO alliance acts increasingly without regard for long-established international norms and threatens global security.

In a lengthy and stronglyworded article focusing on foreign policy issues published in the Russian daily Moskovskiye Novosti, Putin attacked US missile defense plans in Europe and accused NATO of establishing preemptory “facts on the ground” that subvert trust.

“I would not mention this topic if these games were not taking place right on Russia’s borders, if they had not undermined our security, if they did not work against stability in the world,” Putin wrote.

The Russian leader, widely expected to return to the Kremlin following presidential elections on March 4, said he agreed with those who argued that upholding human rights was the top responsibility of sovereign states.

However, he slammed the United States and its NATO allies who justify their own military intervention in third-party states with arguments about the need to defend human rights there, saying such actions create a “moral and legal vacuum” in international relations. Read More