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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kristyn Dominy: Saved road rage driver who flipped her off just moments before from fiery car crash -- Karma is interesting, isn't it?

Local resident Kristyn Dominy risked her life to save that of another driver on W. Ozello Trail — even though the other driver had made a rude gesture at her just moments before.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Dominy, 22, was driving home on the windy path with her daughter when a Jeep sped past her, its driver behaving erratically and making crude hand motions at her.

“She did flip me off whenever she passed me,” Dominy told the paper about the events preceding the crash, which took place Monday night.

Not long after, Dominy spotted the car on fire, stuck in some trees just off the road.

“My first thought when I came around the corner and saw that her vehicle was on fire, I was thinking karma,” Dominy told the Tampa Bay Times. “But the same time, I could never — even though she flipped me off down the road — I could never just sit there and watch that happen.”

When she got closer, she allegedly saw the other driver on fire herself, struggling to save her own daughter from the crash. more