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Monday, March 5, 2012

Iranian Jews in Israel prepare for worst

(CNN) -- Shamshiri in Tel Aviv is as busy as any restaurant might be during the lunch hour rush. Nestled in a part of the market area known as Little Persia, Shamshiri is run by Jews from Iran, providing a home away from home for other Iranian Jews.

Moluk, the matriarch of her family, is just one of tens of thousands of Iranian Jews who immigrated to Israel during the course of the last 60 years. She arrived in Israel in 1964 from Isfahan, where her sister still lives to this day.

In Iran there are an estimated 25,000 Jews remaining in the country, making it the largest Middle Eastern population center for the religion outside of Israel. Moluk, like many Iranian Jews in Israel, still keeps in touch with relatives back home.

She says there are no problems between Jews and Muslims in Iran. Jews, she explains, can practice their faith freely in Iran and are not persecuted. Read More