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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heat wave sets record high in Sioux City, Iowa

SIOUX CITY -- A Midwestern heat wave fueled Tuesday's record-high 80-degree weather, breaking a record set in 1946.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Jansen said the warmest March 13 on record in Sioux City was 72 degrees in 1946.

The warm weather is expected to last through early next week, and there is a chance additional daily records may be broken during that time, Jansen said.

Jansen advised against packing away the winter gear though.

"You can't rule out more snow. It's still winter and April is still going to be here," Jansen said.
The good weather does bring its dangers.

A hazardous weather outlook was in place Tuesday for the region due to the extreme risk of grass fires. Additional hazardous weather outlooks for grass fires may be issued throughout the next week due to the warm, dry weather.

Residents are advised against outdoor burning when there is an elevated risk of grass fires. Read More