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Friday, March 2, 2012

Greek terror alert as homemade bomb is left on subway by left-wing extremists amid anger over cuts

A homemade bomb was left on a Greek subway train by left-wing extremists amid rising public anger over spending cuts.

Police immediately shutdown the station in Athens after a man phoned two television stations and said he had left the explosive.

A previously unknown terror group called the Urban Guerrillas claimed they were responsible for leaving the device on a train.

Today police released pictures of the explosive which was made out of two small gas canisters with about one and a half litres of petrol, a timer, wires and batteries.

The device, which was not activated, was discovered inside a bag by a metro driver on Saturday on his empty train.

It was planted amid public fury over the scale of spending cuts the Greek government are making to secure a second bailout package from the other eurozone members. Read More