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Monday, March 5, 2012

Fukushima city sees more patients with insomnia, high blood pressure: survey

FUKUSHIMA -- The rate of insomnia and high blood pressure among people in this city had grown significantly in the first six months since the outbreak of the nuclear disaster in comparison to data from the previous year, a recently revealed survey shows.

The poll, conducted by a medical care cooperative, which operates several clinics in the capital city of Fukushima, shows that between March 11 and Aug. 31, 2011, patients in the city who were diagnosed with insomnia stood at 27 percent more than the same period in the preceding year, while those suffering from high blood pressure had correspondingly increased by 13 percent.

The cooperative obtained the results by analyzing data from a total of 4,551 patients who visited one of the institution's clinics in the city of Fukushima between March 11 and Aug. 31 last year, and compared it with those of the 4,434 patients who visited the clinic in the same period in 2010.

According to the findings, patients suffering from an inability to sleep had increased from a total of 292 in 2010 to 370 in 2011, while those diagnosed with high blood pressure had increased from 493 to 557 in the surveyed period. Furthermore, patients diagnosed with herpes zoster -- a type of skin rash, often associated with a weakened immune system, among other causes -- had increased by more than two times, from 19 to 50.

People diagnosed with hyperlipidemia -- excessive fat in the blood, which often occurs due to a lack of physical exercise -- had also increased by 7 percent, from 418 to 449. Read More