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Sunday, March 11, 2012

British security alert after Chinese spies create false Facebook profile for top Nato chief to steal data......And people Continue to Think it's Safe

Internet spies triggered a security scare at Nato and in Britain after creating a fake Facebook account of its most senior commander to harvest personal details from his high-level friends.

Chinese hackers are thought to have been behind the plot, which saw a bogus page set up in the name of James Stavridis, Nato's Supreme Allied Commander.

Among those caught up in the scam included top brass in the British military and MoD officials, who unwittingly accepted false 'friend requests' from the account.

This, in turn, gave the hackers access to a mine of information, including e-mail addresses, names of family members, their movements and possibly even phone numbers, which could result in blackmail attempts.

It could also lead to the hackers trying to crack passwords on classified files as personal information may have been used on encrypted systems, it was reported by The Sunday Telegraph.

While it is highly unlikely any sensitive information would have been left on the social networking site by Nato staff, the incident is deeply embarrassing.

Nato was told of the account late last year and got it taken down by Facebook. Read More