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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amanda Smith 'drowned her son, aged 3, in the bath to stop his father from winning custody'

A mother with a history of drug abuse drowned her son in the bath to make sure his father didn’t win a custody battle over him.

Amanda Smith, 33, killed 3-year-old Jacob, called 911 and then sprung out of a closet swinging an axe at a police officer who arrived at her home in Indianapolis.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department received two 911 calls shortly after 9 p.m., one from Smith stating that her son was dead and another from Smith's mother, 'advising that her daughter told her that she had done something to her child that could not be undone.'

Amanda Smith and Robert Crim were in the middle of a custody battle over their son and a court hearing was set for March 14 to determine whether Jacob would continue to live with his maternal grandmother, as Amanda Smith wanted, or to live with his father. Read More