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Thursday, March 1, 2012

32 Carlsbad dogs euthanized due to rabies exposure

CARLSBAD -- The New Mexico Department of Health is reporting that 32 pet dogs from the Carlsbad area have been euthanized since December 2011 because they were exposed to known rabid animals.

They were never vaccinated against rabies, a NMDOH spokeswoman said.
Aimee Barabe said with the exception of puppies that were too young to be fully vaccinated, all of these animal deaths could have been prevented.

Barabe said rabies vaccination of dogs and cats is mandated by state law.

In addition to dogs, a number of livestock and at least one cat have also been euthanized due to rabies exposures.

Cabinet Secretary for Department of Health Dr. Catherine Torres said unvaccinated pets put people, especially children, at greater risk of being exposed to this fatal disease.

Torres said a total of 12 people from Eddy County have received rabies post exposure prophylaxis since Jan. 1. Read More