Thursday, February 16, 2012

Worcestershire Royal Hospital has Closed 12 Wards Due to Norovirus

A SICKNESS bug which causes violent diarrhoea and vomiting has now closed 12 wards at a Worcester hospital.

Ambulance crews have been forced to take patients to other hospitals and 12 wards are now partially or fully closed at Worcestershire Royal Hospital because of norovirus.

Around a third of the hospital’s 600 beds remain closed to admissions because of the bug.

All visitors are being asked to avoid coming to Worcestershire Royal Hospital as cases of norovirus continue to put extreme pressure on the system.

As a result, all non-urgent elective operations are being postponed and patients given alternative dates, in a bid to ease some of the pressure. However, outpatient clinics are still running.

Other measures in place to bring the situation under control include ambulances being diverted to other hospitals where possible, and GPs are being asked to manage people outside of hospital where possible.