Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two dead cows discovered in Woodland rustling incident

Two more cows were found dead at Walt's Meats in Woodland recently in what may be a pattern of attempted rustling in the area.

Jay Houser, president of the butcher company, said the dead cattle were discovered Jan. 25. One of the animals had been skinned and another carcass was untouched, but no meat was taken, he said.

Charlie Rosenzweig, the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office's chief crime deputy, said the carcasses had some kind of puncture wounds, suggesting the animals were shot with bullets or arrows.

A third cow is missing, Houser said. The animals, he said, are valued at $1,500 each. He said it's the first time the company's cows have been killed in at least 25 years.

In December, dairy farmer in the Woodland Bottoms found a bull and a cow shot in the hindquarters with hunting arrows. The arrows were removed, and both animals were expected to survive.

The same farmer found one of his cows dead in November. Someone had tried to drag the carcass up to a road near the dike, but failed, authorities said. The cow's belly was cut in several places, but no meat was taken.

Asked if the incidents are connected, Rosenzweig said, "Could be. Obviously, it's hard to say for sure." Read More