Sunday, February 5, 2012

Russia/China Veto: Strong words at U.N. over vetoes

United Nations (CNN) -- United Nations Security Council members used strong language Saturday after the council vetoed a resolution condemning Syria for human rights violations and attacks against its citizens. Here are some notable remarks:

-- U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice: "The United States is disgusted that a couple of members of this council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole purpose here -- addressing an ever-deepening crisis in Syria and a growing threat to regional peace and security. ... This intransigence is even more shameful when you consider that at least one of these members continues to deliver weapons to (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad)."

-- British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant: "The United Kingdom is appalled by the decision of Russia and China to veto an otherwise consensus resolution. ... Those who blocked council action today must ask themselves how many more deaths they will be prepared to tolerate."

-- Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin: "Some influential members of the international community, unfortunately -- including those sitting around this table -- from the very beginning of the Syrian process have been undermining the opportunity for political settlement, calling for regime change, pushing the opposition toward power, and not stopping at provocation and feeding on methods of struggle."

-- French Ambassador Gerard Araud: "History will judge harshly those who have prevented the council from lending support to the efforts of the Arab League in order to carry out its plan. In so doing it, they have without scruple aligned themselves with a regime which is massacring its people."

-- Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong: "China maintains that under the current circumstances, to put undue pressure on the Syria government will not help resolve the Syrian issue." Read More