Sunday, February 5, 2012

Residents, workers collect hundreds of dead fish in Henrico, Virginia

People bearing pitchforks, rakes and sharp sticks fetched hundreds of dead, smelly fish Saturday from two ponds in Winchester Green in western Henrico County. About 1,100 fish died mysteriously about a week earlier in a roughly 3-acre pond and a smaller adjoining pond.

The Saturday harvest ranged from tiny sunfish to a 3-foot blue catfish estimated to weigh 25 pounds. Other fish included carp, bowfins and gizzard shad.

"They are not hard to find at all," resident John Snyder said as he hauled in carcasses from the bank with a rake. "They are everywhere."

Some of the dead fish were floating. Some lay just under the surface in shallow water. Many lay in deep, murky, tough-to-reach water, residents said.

"I have not seen a single thing alive (in the water) today," said Tim Terry, vice president of the Winchester Green Association, a homeowners group.

Twins Harrie and Bill Siegfried manned a 14-foot canoe to pluck fish out with a net. Read More