Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peru: at least three people missing after mudslide in Ancash

On Wednesday, flooding at the Encantada Lake caused a large avalanche of mud that swept through a camp belonging to the San Juan mining company, burying at least 27 homes in the lower llapo district in Pallasca, Ancash.

According to local radio RPP, representatives from the Subregion Pacifico Norte, in Chimbote, said there were at least 25 people missing, and also large damage in the area.

However, in the afternoon, reports put the confirmed number of missing people at three.

Mayor of Llapo Ananias Camacho, said two emergency crews were searching for survivors and casualties in the area.

According to RPP, emergency medical crews are on their way to Pallasca - which has been cut off after the avalanche destroyed 3 bridges - and are expected to reach the area by noon.

Update 6:10 p.m:

According to El Comercio said rescue workers are still looking for three missing workers from the mining camp.

Mayor Camacho said the rest of the mining workers were away from the camp when the mudslide took place. Source