Today's Coming Crisis Movie

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nothing works in modern Britain (though it works for Harry Redknapp and Stephen Fry)

Clutching at straws appears to have replaced rational thought in our economics.

Just as the dancing in the streets was about to begin over the joyous drop in inflation, along came the unemployment figures to put the kibosh on the celebrations, and then the well-named Mr Moody follows up with his threat to Britain’s triple-A economic rating and the smiles that had bubbled to George and Mervyn’s lips over breakfast turned the Wheaty Bangs to dust in their mouths.

Clutching at straws, which has obviously replaced rational thought in economic thinking, the boys may take some consolation in finding that Mr Moody is a Ms Carlson, whose own record as a Mystic Meg leaves her well outside the Hot 100 of economic soothsayers. In 2007, a year before the West’s finances went into meltdown, she is quoted as predicting: “Although this sounds gloomy, we continue to believe the outlook is benign.”

It’s not just unfortunate people who are out of work. Nothing’s working. And we can’t blame local councils this time, not around our neck of the woods, at least – the gritters earned their corn during the bitter snows of a week ago. Read More