Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moses Kamin Murdered his Adoptive parents after argument over being suspended from school

A 15-year-old boy charged with murdering both of his adoptive parents had been arguing with his mother about getting suspended at school when he strangled her, a court heard.

Moses Kamin, 15, was charged as an adult when he appeared in Alameda County Superior Court yesterday but did not enter a plea deal to charges that he killed Robert Kamin, 55, and Susan Poff, 50.

After police found the bodies of his parents stashed under a blanket inside the family car, the teenager - who has a black belt in karate - confessed that he strangled his mother with his hands and then some type of ligature during the argument.

When Mr Kamin came home later that evening, the teen came up behind him and strangled him as well, according to Deputy District Attorney Teresa Drenick.

Police went to the Kamin house after their employers reported they did not show up for work. They were both civil servants.

Officer Phong Tran said the teen may have been motivated by tension with his parents over his two recent suspensions from school. He may have feared being disciplined for his latest suspension on Wednesday, Tran said.

Prosecutors decided to charge Moses Kamin as an adult after considering the seriousness of the crimes and the fact the boy turns 16 in April, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

If convicted, he could face 50 years to life in prison. Read More