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Friday, February 24, 2012

Katheryne Fuller the Assistant to Amazing Race TV producer found dead in his hotel has been held in Uganda and may face drugs charges

Heroin has been uncovered in the hotel room where an American TV producer was found next to his unconscious assistant.

The lifeless body of 'Amazing Race' producer Jeff Rice was found on the balcony of the Serena hotel in Uganda, blood pouring from his nose and mouth.

Next to him lay his unconscious assistant, Katheryne Fuller, who is recovering in hospital but is being held in Uganda until police determine if she has committed drugs offences.

An autopsy revealed that Rice died of a cocaine overdose and had large quantities of the drug in his stomach, according to Ugandan police.

South African Fuller also tested positive for cocaine, police told ABC News.
The presence of the drug in large quantities has fuelled speculation that the two were involved in a smuggling operation.

Forensics have now determined that other drugs were also present at the scene.

Dr Stephen Cina, a forensic pathology consultant, said. 'The bag of white powder that was found on scene is a mixture of a component of heroin and some Tylenol and some caffeine.

'So that certainly suggests that at least in that bag there's a mixture of several substances present.'

The pair who were in Kampala, Uganda, to film a documentary, were originally thought to have been poisoned. But police have now ruled out this theory. Uganda Police Force spokesman Asuman Mugenyi told ABC News. 'This is a very wrong account,' Read More