Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joseph Gentz who admitted strangling Jane Bashara in her SUV released from jail... as police claim they don't have enough evidence to charge him

The handyman who walked into a police station and admitted to strangling the wife of a wealthy Detroit businessman was released from jail Friday afternoon because authorities claimed they didn't have the evidence to charge him with murder.

The release of Joseph Gentz, despite his confession, is just the latest bizarre twist in the unfolding murder mystery of Jane Bashara, who was found dead January 25 in her Mercedes SUV eight miles from her home in the wealthy Detroit suburb of Gross Pointe Park.

Gross Pointe Park police offered no explanation as to why they let Gentz go, saying only: 'Our job as investigators is to prove facts beyond a reasonable doubt. In doing so, we must conduct a thorough and complete investigation.'

Gentz reportedly told police he killed Mrs Bashara after her husband Bob hired him as a hitman. Read More