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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hinkley Point B reactor shutdown after hydraulic fluid leak found, England

EDF Energy, Britain’s largest nuclear power producer, stopped its 480-megawatt (MW) Hinkley Point B7 nuclear reactor on Wednesday evening to repair a hydraulic fluid leak, the company said. Hinkley Point B is one of four nuclear power stations in the area, the others being the adjacent Hinkley Point A together with Oldbury and Berkeley (being decommissioned) on the banks of the River Severn. A new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station is under consideration.

The reactor stopped so engineers could attend a hydraulic fluid leak on a valve and the unit is expected to restart on Saturday, EDF Energy said. ”I can confirm the reactor went offline at around 2220 GMT last night,” a spokeswoman said on Thursday morning.

The reactor at Hinkley Point B nuclear plant had previously restarted in the morning of February 9th, 2012, following a one week “planned maintenance period” on its unit 7 reactor. Source