Thursday, February 2, 2012

Google joins Twitter in censorship storm: Site will now block blog posts in line with requests from repressive governments

Google's informal motto is 'don't be evil' - but a recent policy shift could see the search giant help repressive governments to pursue policies many might see as 'evil'.

Bloggers who have relied on Google's Blogger service to organise protest and make their voices heard could find their posts being blocked by Google itself.

The company will now block posts or blogs from being seen in a country if they violate local laws.

In a repressive regime, for instance, the company could remove posts that violate that country's speech laws.

The move has caused unease among bloggers - and has echoes of Twitter's recent decision to block Tweets on a similar 'per country' basis to comply with local laws.

Google claims that the move will actually allow more freedom of speech. Read More